Ethical Property family members provide property and services to organisations that meet the following Ethical Criteria:

  • Have a defined social purpose that accords with The Ethical Property's purpose of building a more just, equitable and sustainable society through the promotion of social change. 

  • Be a charitable or non-profit organisation, a social enterprise, an ethical business, or an organisation of strong local benefit to the regeneration of an area.

  • Have transparent funding sources and accept money only from ethical organisations.

  • Be a good mix with other groups in the Centre.

  • Work positively to tackle diversity issues and treat all stakeholders without discrimination. 

  • Be an organisation which has objectives broader than the promotion of one particular faith of philosophy.

  • Have credibility amongst stakeholders.

  • Have employment practices which treat staff fairly and without exploitation.    

Interested in joining our unique community which promotes social impact and collaboration? Or are you unsure if your organisation meets the ethical tenant criteria? Get in touch and a member of the team will be able to help.